The 5 Coolest Gadgets in Indra

All sci-fi heroes need badass toys! For Lex and Livia and the rest of their peeps in Indra, there are all kinds of cool gadgets that help them make it up through the underground Rock Bottom and to the Outlands. Check out five of them and learn a little more about what they do!


A regular old sword just wouldn’t do for Lex and Livia! In Indra, zingers are electrified weapons that, when used properly, create music. In the first book, Livia trained with her mother Delphia’s zinger, but was never quite able to become as skilled as her. However, she trains with a true master to improve her skills. 


Similar to a gun, a blaster instead uses an energy clip to stun its victims. But don’t be fooled—blasters can certainly kill. And, they can also maim: In Time of the Twins, Lex blows off an officer’s hand with one shot from her blaster.


Traveling around Indra is made much easier with these flying motorcycles. While growing up in the Academy, Lex became a pro at maneuvering a speeder, but it doesn't come as easy for Livia. With the help of her twin, though, she quickly masters it and is whipping around in no time.


This portable communication device projects the image of the person you’re talking to just above it. Although small, the visual created by the holocomm is very clear and shows every line on the person’s face.


Think of this as a super flashlight. When switched on, a beamer creates a floating globe of bright light that can travel over objects to illuminate them.