If 'Time of the Twins' Were A Movie...

We asked you guys who you would cast in a Time of the Twins movie and you came up with the best responses! Read the some of our fave entries below. 
"Bella Hadid should be cast as Lex and Gigi Hadid as Livia. Bella's darker hair represents Lex's rebelliousness, while Gigi's blonde hair emphasizes that, although they are twins, Livia and Lex's personalities are polar opposites. Furthermore, Bella and Gigi Hadid know Kylie and Kendall on a more personal level; they not only mirror their close relationship, but would also be able to carry out Kylie and Kendall's intentions for the two characters."
"My dream cast would be Shailene Woodley as Lex, Emma Watson as Livia and Chace Crawford as Kane. With Michael Trevino as Zavier!"
"Khadijah and Malika!"
"I think Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale should be in the movie. They both look alike and are really pretty. Both have crazy energy and cool personalities."
"I would cast Adelaide Kane as Lex and Nina Dobrev as Livia. I feel like Adelaide Kane could bring that rebellious strong-headed fighter personality to the character of Lex. Nina Dobrev can bring that elegant and smart-yet-tough personality to Livia. Both actresses also have a similar look to Lex and Livia's descriptions."
"Shailene Woodley and Alexandra Daddario! I feel like they both would embody Lex and Liv perfectly! They're vibe and talents would make "Time of The Twins" an awesome movie!"
"Lyndsy Fonseca would be Lex, she's a bad-ass and beautiful. Maia Mitchell is an up-and-comer in the acting world and would make a bomb Livia. Also, beautiful."
"Of course, Kylie and Kendall would have to be in it or direct it and I feel like it would be really cute if Jordyn was in it and maybe even Tyga."
"I think Logan Lerman should be Kane, Asa Butterfield from “Ender's Game” should play Jules and I should play Enzo since I actually look like him. Kendall should play Livia and Kylie should play Lex. They should know they are great actresses and need to give themselves a chance. Tom Cruise should play Armand Cosmo and I think Angelina Jolie should play Delphia Cosmo."
"I would cast Dove Cameron as one of the twins because she can act really well and I think would fit with the image I picture in my head. I would also cast maybe Brittany Snow because she and Dove Cameron do look *kind of* alike and, again, she can act really well with any role she's given."
"Selena Gomez as Lex and Mila Kunis as Livia because they are both amazing people and great actors and they fit the description of Lex and Livia."